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A Little Story

David vs Goliath, Rocky Balboa vs Ivan Drago, Matt Saracen vs Voodoo Tatum. Thing is, we’ve always been about the underdog. The Little Fella whose drive and passion can charm any crowd and who is just crazy enough to pursue their dreams when all logic says “wait.” The only rival to our love for underdogs is our deep, abiding, love of artistry and we can think of no better pursuit then to combine them both.

Little Fella was created to document and support artists on their journey. Right now, Little Fella consists of recording live, in-studio sessions of up-and-coming, and/or independent artists. The other half of Little Fella is our newly-launched Podcast Network. Our goal for the Little Fella Podcast Network is to gather podcasts for power in numbers—to help support and promote each other.

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